Artificial Intelligence and Music in Commercial Spaces: Enhancing Consumer Experience and Profitability

January 18, 2024

Ignacio Pagani

Artificial Intelligence and Music in Commercial Spaces: Enhancing Consumer Experience and Profitability

AI-Driven Musical Personalization

AI is transforming music in commercial spaces through deep and dynamic personalization. This technology not only creates playlists tailored to each brand, but it also adjusts the type and intensity of music according to customer flow, time of day, and real-time weather conditions.

A notable example of AI applied to music and user experience is Spotify's AI algorithm, which analyzes listening patterns and preferences to offer personalized music recommendations. This technology is adaptable to commercial spaces, where music selection is adjusted in real-time to the ambiance and mood of customers, thereby improving their experience, and increasing dwell time, and the average spend. Research suggests that the right music not only improves customers' moods but can also influence their buying behavior, thus increasing profitability (Brown, S., "University of Texas at Austin", 2020).

Successful Cases of AI Application

Kasisto: This company uses AI to enhance customer experience in the banking sector, providing valuable insights into how AI can be applied in other sectors, including retail and hospitality.

McDonald's: After acquiring Dynamic Yield, McDonald's implemented AI in its digital menus, adapting them based on factors like weather, time of day, and buying trends. This has resulted in a more personalized customer experience and an increase in sales (Source: Business Insider).

Starbucks: Using AI, Starbucks has personalized its customers' experience by offering drink recommendations based on previous orders. This approach has significantly improved customer satisfaction and boosted sales (Source: "Starbucks Technology").

AI and Neuromarketing: Influencing Human Behavior

Combining AI and music as neuromarketing tools has a powerful impact on human behavior. Music, especially when selected and adapted by AI, can significantly influence customers' emotions and actions. According to "Harvard Business Review", the right music can alter time perception, improve mood, and increase the likelihood of purchase (Huang, M., & Rust, R. T.). This means that strategically selected music not only creates a pleasant atmosphere but can also be used to induce specific behaviors in a commercial experience.


AI is redefining how commercial spaces use music to improve the consumer experience and increase profitability. By adapting music to customers' real-time needs and preferences, these technological solutions not only improve the atmosphere of the space but also reinforce brand identity and promote favorable purchasing behaviors. In a competitive market, AI emerges as an essential tool for any business aspiring to innovate and stand out.

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Ignacio Pagani is part of the Brandtrack Team as Head of Music. He is an experienced recording artist and a business and product manager.

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