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  • Lite

    12 USD / per zone and month

    Pre-Curated Playlists

    More than 170 pre-curated playlists in a wide array of genres, moods and types of commercial spaces.

    •⁠  ⁠+250 pre-curated playlists
    •⁠  ⁠Offline playback
    •⁠  ⁠100% legal music
    •⁠  ⁠Location monitoring
    •⁠  ⁠Ads manager

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  • Smart

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    Live variable-driven playlists

    Smart technology-driven bespoke playlists matching foot traffic and weather for an ideal experience in real time.

    •⁠  ⁠Everything in Lite & Enterprise
    •⁠  ⁠AI smart music execution
    •⁠  ⁠Live variables integration: weather, foot traffic, consumer rotation

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All plans include

  • Multi-platform App

  • Legal music

  • Offline listening

  • Online support and call-center

  • Music without breaks

  • Commercial Ads Configuration

  • Music by time of the day

  • Web Monitoring

  • Monthly updates

  • Connectivity Schedule

Box, your Brandtrack player

Our box offers the ultimate solution for playing music without the necessity of using your own devices.

Player device illustration, square and narrow black box with the Brandtrack logo
  • Easy installation

    Any person anywhere in the world with no computer knowledge can install the Box in less than 5 minutes.

  • Mini computer

    Box includes Brandtrack player installed and ready to play your previously curated music for your business.

  • Remote access

    The device has a quick access installed so that our support team can solve any inconvenience remotely.