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Generate a long-term recurring monthly income by becoming a Brandtrack Partner.

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How does our partner program work?

We offer flexibility and great opportunities. Whether earning a 10% commission for each referred client without having to manage anything, or fully integrating our solutions into your platform to add more value, Brandtrack provides you with everything you need to increase your revenue.


10% commission per referral sale over 3 years

Ideal for individuals or companies with a broad network of contacts who want to earn passive income without additional effort.

•⁠  You don't need to handle the sales process.
•⁠  Support and assistance are provided by Brandtrack.

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10% discount off the Brandtrack list price

Ideal for salespeople and companies with marketing capabilities looking to increase their profit margins.

•⁠  ⁠Full control over the sales process.
•⁠  You decide the selling price.

Become a reseller


Add value to your platform with a high-quality integration.

Ideal for tech companies and platforms looking to enhance their service offerings.

•⁠  Differentiate yourself from the competition with new features.
•⁠  Increase your customers' satisfaction and retention.

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Why is becoming a Brandtrack partner a good idea?

Brandtrack solves a series of fundamental problems for all commercial physical spaces. Through our platform, we help businesses increase sales by creating an emotional connection with their customers, improving their shopping experience, and avoiding legal conflicts due to the improper use of music.

  • Saving on music legal issues and fines

  • Custom playlists for businesses

  • A combination of AI with expert DJs

And it works for any type of business with a space open to the public: Hospitality, Retail, Gastronomy, Health, Personal Care, and many more.

Huge business opportunity

The global market for music in commercial spaces is booming and is estimated to reach $10.34 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research.

Despite this growth, there is still a large part of the market untapped, offering significant opportunities for new players. The increasing demand for customized music solutions in stores, restaurants, hotels, and offices is driving this market, creating a perfect environment for our partners to capitalize on.

With our platform, you can access a vast and expanding market. Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to increase your revenue and expand your business!


Do you have a broad network of contacts and want to generate passive income without additional effort? Our "Referral" program is perfect for you.

Simply refer new clients to our service, and you will earn a 10% commission on each sale made over the next three years. You don't need to get involved in the sales process or worry about follow-up.

It’s an easy and effective way to monetize your contacts and earn continuous income.
Leverage your network and start generating hassle-free revenue. Your network can be your best source of passive income!


If you are a salesperson or a company with marketing skills, our "Reseller" program offers you an unbeatable opportunity to increase your profit margins.

By handling the sales process, you get a 10% discount off the list price of our products. This not only allows you to offer competitive prices to your clients but also significantly increases your profits.

You have full control over the sales strategy and final pricing, from prospecting to closing, ensuring you maximize every opportunity. Enhance your sales skills and boost your income with us!


For tech companies and platforms looking to enhance their service offerings, the "Integrations" program is the ideal choice.

By integrating our products into your platform, you can offer your clients a high-quality music solution that complements and enhances your current services.

This not only differentiates you from the competition but also increases customer satisfaction and retention by providing additional features.

Adding value to your platform creates a more attractive and comprehensive proposition for your users, leading to higher revenues and long-term loyalty. Transform your offering and grow your business with our integrated solutions!