Unlicensed music could expose your business to million-dollar lawsuits

If you are using platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music to play music in your commercial spaces, you could face costly fines and numerous legal conflicts.

Why can't I use any platform to play music in my business?

If you manage restaurants, hotels, or retail stores, you probably use background music to enhance the customer experience. A great musical atmosphere boosts revenue and motivates your employees. You likely already know that.

What you might not know is that platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music can only be used personally and privately, not for commercial purposes. It's not the same to listen to any song on Spotify at home or in your car, alone or with family and friends, as it is to play music in a commercial space with a large audience.

Remember that when you subscribed to these platforms, you agreed not to use this music for commercial spaces. This is clearly stated in their terms and conditions: 'The service is for personal and non-commercial use only.'

Legal and Safe:
Music for Responsible Businesses

Don't put your business at risk due to ignorance or negligence.
With Brandtrack, your music will always be in compliance with the law.

Apple Music

Not legal for commercial use


Not legal for commercial use


Not legal for commercial use

Amazon Music

Not legal for commercial use


Licensed for commercial use

What do I need to legally play music?

Both the authors/composers, performers, and phonographic producers have the right to receive royalties for the use of their musical works.

Therefore, to play music in your commercial spaces, you need to have the appropriate usage authorizations or music licenses.

At Brandtrack, we have the solution for you!

We have the necessary licenses to store and play musical content for public performance.
Additionally, thanks to our direct relationship with various collective management societies around the world, we help you obtain public performance licenses according to the country you are in.

We assess the state of your business

Are you sure that the music playing in your establishment complies with all regulations?

Ensure that your space operates within the law with our free musical diagnosis.

Our specialized team will analyze your current situation and provide you with personalized solutions so that you not only avoid legal problems but also improve your customers' experience in a safe and effective way.

With Brandtrack you can:

  • Have the appropriate storage licenses

  • Get help and direct contact with the collective management societies in your country

  • Receive a valid certificate for the storage of phonograms in case of a claim

Don't let music be a problem; make it a solution.

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