How does your brand sound?

November 23, 2021


How does your brand sound?

Studies show that the customer experience at the point of sale is one of the most important aspects for brands; considering that by doing this, objectives such as improving their image, increasing sales, and creating competitive advantages can be achieved. From the moment customers enter your store, they become the center of attention, where the brand must meet their expectations and where the magic happens.

The Impact of Strategic Design:

The store is where you have the greatest opportunity to influence how your brand and products are perceived. A space with strategic design that reflects your brand identity, meets your customers' expectations, stimulates them, and enhances their shopping experience.

The Power of Background Music:

Nowadays, background music is playing in almost every commercial environment, but how much strategy is behind the choice of music? Do you know how your brand sounds? The power of background music. It is no news that music has a unique ability to generate different emotional states in people. Previous research has shown that background music in commercial environments impacts customers, leading them to stay longer and buy more, or quite the opposite.

Creating a Congruent Environment:

Background music can be used as a tool to evoke the right associations and create an environment that reflects the brand identity. It has also been shown to reduce perceived waiting time and generate a sense of satisfaction anchored in the impression that the company cares about its customers. Music is a powerful way to define the brand identity and often more effective than traditional communication.