How Background Music in Stores Can Create an Impactful In-Store Experience

October 4, 2022


How Background Music in Stores Can Create an Impactful In-Store Experience

Bakcground music in stores can become a powerful motivator. It can boost your mood, motivate you to accomplish great feats, and calm you on your most stressful days. There is a lot of research focused on how music can impact emotional and mental states. Through the many advancements in technology, we can finally understand how music affects us and how we can use it to shape our customer's moods.

Retailers have long been using background music to relax or create an ambiance within the store while their customer's shop. While many retailers simply put on a preferred hit playlist, others are beginning to truly understand the power of music. They have begun to dive deeper and how it impacts each customer's in-store experience. The music played in-store can impact customers positively or negatively.

How Does Background Music Impact People's In-Store Experience?

Marketing often explores the senses and the impacts of how customers make purchases, but through sound, you can have more control over how your customers feel and make decisions while visiting your store. Music can trigger emotions like happiness, sadness, or even nostalgia. Even beyond emotions, it can spread to invoking physical responses like smiling or increasing pace as they move through the store.

The tempo of the music in the store can impact customers' perception of time as they browse your stores or when they have to wait in long lines. Studies have shown that with slower tempos, customers are more likely to stay in-store browsing casually, which can increase sales. The same slow tempo can make a customer feel more like they've had a positive experience regardless of the wait. 

Understanding how background music in stores impact your customer's experience can help you create a playlist that fits your customer's needs. You can define your brand and choose the shopping experience you'd like them to have.

Why is It Important to Choose the Right Background Music for Customer's In-Store Experience?

Choosing the right background music for your customer's in-store experience is essential in establishing and building your brand. It can help them associate good feelings with shopping in your store. It can impact how your customers shop and for how long. People will enjoy being in your store and won't mind as much when things take a little longer than they should.

Beyond creating a positive customer in-store experience, it's about setting the right tone for your store. You want to enhance the retail experience by delivering an ambiance that fits the kind of mood you want to establish. You might play upbeat pop if you want to create a more playful experience. If you want a more relaxed experience, think of smooth jazz or slow rhythms.

When thinking about your customer's in-store experience, think about the type of positive experience you want to create. Think about who shops in your store and what kind of music they might enjoy. From there, start to think about the type of shopping experience you want them to have, whether it's a quick browse or maybe you'd prefer they are in and out quickly. You can find royalty free background music by partnering with BrandTrack. 

Approaching the choice of music for your customer's in-store experience can help encourage a positive association with your brand, increase sales, and foster loyal and happy customers.

Brandtrack provides background music for businesses using your brand characteristics to curate a playlist to fit your aesthetic. We do it for companies like Walmart, Ikea or Hilton Hotels.

Want to learn more about how background music impacts your customer's in-store shopping experience and how to use music to shape it? 

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