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  • Genre

    • Electronic Pop:
    • Pop Dance:

    To create a cohesive experience, we recommend using the fewest possible music genres. If using more than two or three genres, ensure they are complementary and similar to each other.

  • Energy level

    The energy of the music is crucial in creating a suitable experience within the commercial space. A high level of energy can prompt a faster turnover of customers and increase consumption. Conversely, lower energy can allow customers the chance to relax and spend more time in the commercial space, providing an opportunity for continued consumption.


  • Explicit songs

    Keep in mind that including explicit songs in your playlist can lead to discomfort and displeasure among your customers if the target audience is not suitable for that type of content.


  • Duration

    0 hours

  • Songs


  • Popular artists

    • Taylor Swift
    • Dua Lipa
    • Bruno Mars

    The presence of popular artists can influence the subconscious of your clients. Highly popular artists can create a familiar experience and appeal to the majority of people. On the other hand, featuring less popular artists might provide a sense of exclusivity and authenticity.

  • Popular songs

    • Strangers
    • Prada
    • Watermelon Sugar

    Including popular songs in your playlist can foster empathy with your customers, leading them to form unconscious emotional connections with your brand.

  • Average BPM

    Music BPM (Beats Per Minute) profoundly affects consumer behavior. Fast BPMs energize, prompting quicker decision-making and ideal for dynamic retail environments. Slow BPMs, in contrast, create a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging longer stays and deeper engagement, especially in settings like cafes and restaurants. This subconscious influence of music tempo is a potent tool in shaping customer experiences and behaviors.


  • Danceability

    Characterized by rhythm and beat, this metric significantly impacts business performance, specially in retail and restaurants. In retail, high danceability music creates an upbeat, engaging atmosphere, encouraging customers to spend more time shopping and potentially increasing sales. In restaurants, it can energize the environment during peak hours or be toned down for a more relaxed, intimate dining experience. This metric directly influences customer mood, stay duration, and spending behavior, ultimately affecting overall business performance.


  • Valence

    Music valence, indicating a song's mood from sad to happy, significantly impacts customer behavior in business environments. Upbeat, high valence music uplifts moods and encourages engagement, while lower valence music creates a contemplative atmosphere, influencing customer satisfaction and behavior, and thereby business performance.


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    We collect metadata from our music database with more than 70.000 hand-picked songs

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    We examine music profiles  from +8.000 commercial spaces

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    We process this diverse data employing our AI graph, creating nuanced relations and patterns

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    We produce highly accurate music recommendations precisely tailored to each brand

Brandtrack has been a strategic ally in the musicalization of our brands. The support and willingness they provide has been exceptional and they perfectly adapt to our needs.

Jean Amado

Stores Operations

Brandtrack plays a fundamental role in creating the appropriate atmosphere, adapting to the real-time customer rotation. We have invested in the aesthetics of our spaces, and the selection of music is crucial to convey it.

Catalina Esteves

General Manager