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We understand the impact the right music can have on brand identity, customer loyalty, and revenue. Use our Playlist AI-nalyzer to gather key metrics that can only be found through our advanced AI music graph. Discover genres, music intensity, explicit language, and much more!

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Client Feedback, Music Genre, Target Audience, Lyric Analyzer, Demographics, Third Party Integrations, Weather, Brand Profile, Foot Traffic, Music Intensity, Location

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We can help you improve the music in your commercial spaces to elevate business performance. Are you ready to boost your sales through music?

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    We collect metadata from our music database with more than 70.000 hand-picked songs

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    We examine music profiles  from +8.000 commercial spaces

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    We process this diverse data employing our AI graph, creating nuanced relations and patterns

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    We produce highly accurate music recommendations precisely tailored to each brand

Brandtrack has been a strategic ally in the musicalization of our brands. The support and willingness they provide has been exceptional and they perfectly adapt to our needs.

Jean Amado

Stores Operations

Brandtrack plays a fundamental role in creating the appropriate atmosphere, adapting to the real-time customer rotation. We have invested in the aesthetics of our spaces, and the selection of music is crucial to convey it.

Catalina Esteves

General Manager